Making the decision to outsource can be difficult
but let's examine the advantages...

Always Current

In today's ever changing reimbursement environment, it is impractical for practices to remain up to date and proactive. Do your in-house employees have the time and training to stay current with changes in coding, Medicare, Medicaid, and Insurance companies?

Always Consistent

  • What happens to your cash flow when someone is out sick or on vacation?
  • Are they billing accurately per your fee schedule?
  • Are you getting paid per your contracts?
  • Do they take the time to diligently follow up on patient balances?

Reducing Costs

In house billing can be costly. Not only do you incur the expense of salaries, benefits, office space, technology, printing and postage, but also hidden costs of lost revenue can make the difference between a successful practice and a struggling practice. We remove the day to day headaches of managing a billing and collections staff, typically at less cost than an in-house operation. We can help even if you have a practice management system or EHR software.