Move Funds Quickly to Your Account
Payments that previously took weeks are now deposited in days.

Payment Processing

Payments are processed, posted and deposited daily directly into your bank account through electronic deposits. The majority of payments from payors are received by Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), which means payments that previously took weeks are now deposited in days. We have processes in place to cross-check and balance the payments and give you the tools needed when looking at your bank statement as well as making sure those that handle the money have no access to the billing system for compliance.

Bilingual Customer Service

Many areas are experiencing growth in the number of Spanish-speaking patients. Our bilingual capability ensures these patients can still receive great customer service and understand their financial responsibility.

Positive Patient Relationships

We communicate on your behalf in a respectful and compassionate manner to collect patient responsibilities due to deductibles and co-pays. The statements we send are clear and easy to understand.